Seattle Run Series – Fall Series

Announcing the Alki Fall 2014 Series Most Improved Winners

5k: Jennifer Tucker
Race 1 – 1:08:31, Race 3 – 57:24
Improvement of 11:07


10k: Dorothy Neville
Race 1 – 1:15:12,  Race 3 – 1:12:40
Improvement of 2:32




Thanks to all who donated to the West Seattle Food Bank!

Here are the stats on the 3-Race Series Participants. When you sign up for the 3-Race series as opposed to the single race you are automatically entered into the Most Improved Contest. Winners receive a $100 gift certificate to West Seattle Runner, free entry into the next series at Seward Park in January/February/March, and a SRS Tech Shirt. 


October 5th October 26th November 16th Improvement
Bitter, Sarah xxx xxx xxx
Bowers, Landy 25:49 26:29 26:04
Carr, Julie 29:23 28:51 27:39 -01:44
Fujimoto, Marcia 43:04 xxx 44:52
Greene, Jaime 23:30 23:35 23:55
Herron, Laura 33:51 xxx xxx
Muller, Rory 24:30 24:20 23:33 -00:57
Olsen-Jacobsen, Gretchen 52:54

xxx xxx
Oslund, Rebecca 32:55 33:29 33:18
Perry, Karen 53:12 xxx xxx
Richter, Gregg 30:17 29:50 xxx
Roush, Cindy 58:18 52:51 52:22 -05:56
Roush-Tatum, Alyssa 58:18 52:51 52:23 -05:55
Saddow, Isaac 29:07 31:14 xxx
Saddow, Peter 29:07 31:16 xxx
Spruell, Amanda xxx 30:53 xxx
Tran, Gina 42:06 xxx xxx
Tucker, Jennifer 1:08:31 58:24 57:24 -11:07
Worden, Stacie xxx xxx xxx
October 5th October 26th November 16th Improvement
Bert, Hally xxx xxx xxx
Boone, Danielle 1:14:35 1:16:05 5k
Brunner, Kathleen 57:34 56:24 58:22
Herrin, Sarah 1:00:20 56:46 xxx
Jones, Amanda 1:14:36 1:16:05 xxx
Lee, Jessica 1:13:06 1:19:54 xxx
Mackay, Kelly 38:11 37:26 36:53 -01:18
Muller, Deanna 49:49 48:32 5k
Munn, Stacy 57:14 58:20 xxx
Neville, Dorothy 1:15:12 1:15:07 1:12:40 -02:32
O’Brien, Elaine xxx 1:19:53 xxx
Olin, Toni xxx xxx 5k
Rush, Annie 56:14 xxx 5k
Sedgwick, Anne 1:06:17 32:26 (5k) xxx
Shea, Grace xxx xxx xxx

7 thoughts on “Seattle Run Series – Fall Series”

  1. Hello Annette – I received the gift cert/tshirt/cert. Thank you again for helping my motivation levels. I will see you in Jan…but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves….lol

  2. Thanks for a great race!
    I’m curious where/when we’ll be able to find the pictures from Sunday’s race. Should I be checking my e-mail or the website?
    Thank you!

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to push myself beyond what I thought were my limits.
    I loved walking and eventually doing my “shuffle jog” by the beach, with very supportive people!

    1. Hi Jennifer, A heart-felt congratulations on your most improved award! I hope you feel awesome for your accomplishment! I noticed you pushing and pumping toward the finish. Way to go! Your gift certificate for your shoes will be in the mail tomorrow. And I look forward to seeing you in January at Seward Park! Is it possible? Could you win again?!?!

  4. Hi Annette, question for you. My son Gage is 8 and loves to run, he has Down Syndrome and is only able to go about 1/4 a mile at a time and unable to complete a full 5k. As you know, his little brother Alex and i run the full 5k together, if I push Gage in his special running stroller (designed for children with disabilities, does Gage get credit for finishing the race?) Thanks for your feedback. See you November 10th. Bob Schwieger

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